Marte Solbakken, a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, arrived in
California at the beginning of a decade marked by devastation and upheaval.
The unraveling around her was mirrored by Solbakken’s personal journey
as she grappled 
with a life-altering loss she had tried to outrun.

The Fields Lit Up With Green is a collection of songs that enter into dialogue
with a time and a place, a quest for belonging, and a tale of ruin and resurrection
in a landscape marked equally by beauty and destruction.

The album was co-produced and mixed by Chris Cohen, and recorded with a full band consisting of Bart Davenport, Julian Harmon, Aaron M. Olson and Nic Hessler. Britta Phillips and Samira Winter provided backup vocals. The LP, Solbakken’s first full-length, will see its release in 2022.